RPG Maker Love

I am relatively new to RPG Maker and it can be said that I am still in the process of learning its basics at this time – but I have observations and realizations  … things that have to do with loving the program itself.

An RPG Maker VX-Ace Scene of a Hero Looking at a Night Sky of Infinite Possibilities

One thing I realized is that RPG Maker can be loved not only for what it can accomplish —it can also be loved as itself.

For me,

RPG Maker is not only a tool you can use; it’s also a program you can love.

Tools are probably often seen only as things to be utilized or used to achieve particular purposes – and, of course  – that what tools are for.

But RPG Maker can be something more than a tool to Make Your Own Game.   It can also seem to have its own personality probably because it’s something you can make personal.

Just by looking at how it’s designed  – it can be a source of inspiration.

Just look at the basic mechanics of using RPG Maker:

1. You make maps.

2. You do “organizing actions” in its database so that its “other parts” will have something to use.

3. And then you add to that “playing with the logic of events” to interrelate its components and direct flows.

4. While having the option to use its ready-to-use default materials (RTP) ….

Ultimately, all of these can be combined into a “playable story”..

One can then realize that – its design …. its simple basic logic is beautiful.

Plus there’s a set of  splash screen hero characters for every version – which I think adds to the personality of each Maker while seemingly communicating the idea of a potential creative adventure.

Also, there’s the beautifully coincidental simplicity of its name:

It’s an “rpg maker” named RPG Maker and ….  its probably the best.

You see,  it can be a particularly inspiring game maker.

As for more of what it can mean to me personally, let’s just say that: 

Game making is game making. But game making with RPG Maker has its own particular quality of creation experience. It makes it more personal.

Its simplicity can allow the freedom of personal creative responsibility.

And perhaps, that can be the most amazing thing about RPG Maker: It’s designed for an individual who wants to personally make his own game.

Thus, it can be an excellent tool for self-expression.

The  game creation experience with RPG Maker is something  which I think can be both common to its users  and yet can be very personal.

And I guess, all these are reasons which disqualify it as being merely a tool and can qualify it as being beyond it.

And that’s the beauty of RPG Maker for me:

RPG Maker is not only a tool I can use; it’s also a program I can love.

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